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    Nice to meet you again, Isabelle =)))

    1592 messages isn't very much, considering my registration date (I'm on this forum since the very beginning - longer than some of the moderators!)))) I like it here, I made a lot of friends with the forum folk (I have met some of them in real life, too)))), and I don't post much these days, but I check in almost every day. Some of the users here have over 6000 messages, so my 1592 is far from many XD XD XD))))))

    Anyway, great to meet a fellow Monty Python fan and the English culture lover))) I'd love to learn French some day))))
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    Hi there Isabelle =)))))) I just thought that it's nice to see a foreigner on a Russian forum, which is why I'd like to welcome you here, being an old-timer on this forum myself =)
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    Hi Isabelle! What do you think of Alain Delon? We love him so much! I consider him to be one of the most handsome men in the world? Maybe even the most handsome. You can also write in his thread.
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    Isabelle! In fact, we spoke about Isabel Lucas and admired her looks. She is really very pretty. But, please, do not pay any attention to this misunderstanding. Your photos of Guskov are wonderful and I am willing to speak to you any time at all!
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    Hello Isabelle! Welcome here! Thank you for writing to me. In fact, I didn`t go to any French website and have only now seen you. But it doesn`t matter and doesn`t change anything. You are here and we can speak to each other sharing information. Glad to meet you!
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France, but close to you with my computer ! ;o)
Cinema, theater and modern art.


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